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Our mission is to empower creative expression. We support artists both seasoned and new by providing a marketplace for selling their original work, helping them find their voice and connecting them with fellow artists and customers across the world. If you have art within you, we want you to join WallArtMarket. Plain and simple.


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Why Sell on WallArtMarket?

Showcase Your Artwork: Whether art is your main focus or your side hustle, we offer you the opportunity to exercise yourself creatively and showcase your work on an ever-expanding range of products.

Variety of Products: We offer a best-in-class array of wall art, home decor, apparel and lifestyle products for you to enable; and our dedicated merchandisers are always looking for new and high-quality products to add to your shop.

Focus on What Matters: Wherever you are in the world, we have a team of experts that will fulfill, print, ship, market and handle customer service—all for you so you can get back to creating.

Find Your People: We attract thousands of art-focused customers from across the world looking to discover new artists and add unique designs to their everyday.

Join a Community: We host a thriving artist community dedicated to supporting one another with artist education, trend reports and creative feedback—because as one succeeds, we all succeed.


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How It Works

1 Upload Your Work  

Create your account and start uploading to your artist shop.   

2  Design + Enable Products  

Enable a best-in-class array of wall art, home decor, furniture, apparel and lifestyle products.   

3 Start Selling

Promote your work and watch the earnings roll in.  

4  Sit Back

We fulfill, print and ship everything so you can get back to doing what you love and create more art.


Our Products

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone sell on WallArtMarket?

Yes! We're proud to be an open community, where anyone can sign up to be an artist. We make selling your art simple! Create an account, upload your work and make your designs available for sale on our best-in-class range of products. When you sell a product, we'll produce it, package it and ship it for you, so that you can focus on making more art!

What can I sell on WallArtMarket?

Original art in all forms. Whether you are a photographer, fine artist, graphic designer, typographer or you're just getting started on finding your style, WallArtMarket is for you! Simply upload your designs and we make it easy to enable a wide variety of product categories from wall art and home decor to tech accessories, apparel and more.

For further info about what constitutes original work and selling on WallArtMarket, check out our Community Guidelines.

How do artist earnings work?

Every purchase pays an artist. WallArtMarket artists earn 10% of every sale, plus there are a few other ways to add to your earnings.

For art prints, framed prints, and canvas prints; artists have control over their markup and can set their own prices above the standard 10%.

Additionally, artists have the opportunity to join our affiliate program to earn an additional 10% on sales that they refer.

Artist earnings are paid via PayPal (on the first business day of each month) and credited 30 days after the shipment of each order.


Every purchase pays an artist, so start selling on WallArtMarket today.


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